Tuesday, June 24, 2008

White Majority Rule

"America Is A White People's Country"It seems hypocritical that liberals never call for “Majority Rule” when the majority is White; but, only when it is non-White. The liberals believe the counting of heads - never mind what’s in them - provides the ethical premise for a majority rule demands especially when the non-Whites outnumber the Whites. According to liberal logic, there is suppose to be some kind of moral magic in the numerical difference represented by 49 percent and 51 percent. Public policy is then determined not by the best, but most assuredly by the most.
In the double-think world of liberalism, it is great and a wonderful act of humanity to raise one’s voice in favor of “majority rule” in a mostly non-White country. On the other hand, it is “racist” and “immoral” to raise a similar demand in America.

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